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// Copyright 2014 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
//go:build ppc64 || ppc64le
// +build ppc64 ppc64le
#include "textflag.h"
#include "asm_ppc64x.h"
// Called by C code generated by cmd/cgo.
// func crosscall2(fn, a unsafe.Pointer, n int32, ctxt uintptr)
// Saves C callee-saved registers and calls cgocallback with three arguments.
// fn is the PC of a func(a unsafe.Pointer) function.
// The value of R2 is saved on the new stack frame, and not
// the caller's frame due to issue #43228.
// Start with standard C stack frame layout and linkage
MOVD R0, 16(R1) // Save LR in caller's frame
MOVW CR, R0 // Save CR in caller's frame
MOVW R0, 8(R1)
BL saveregs2<>(SB)
MOVDU R1, (-288-3*8-FIXED_FRAME)(R1)
// Save the caller's R2
MOVD R2, 24(R1)
// Initialize Go ABI environment
BL runtime·reginit(SB)
BL runtime·load_g(SB)
#ifdef GOARCH_ppc64
// ppc64 use elf ABI v1. we must get the real entry address from
// first slot of the function descriptor before call.
// Same for AIX.
MOVD 8(R3), R2
MOVD (R3), R3
MOVD R3, FIXED_FRAME+0(R1) // fn unsafe.Pointer
MOVD R4, FIXED_FRAME+8(R1) // a unsafe.Pointer
// Skip R5 = n uint32
MOVD R6, FIXED_FRAME+16(R1) // ctxt uintptr
BL runtime·cgocallback(SB)
// Restore the caller's R2
MOVD 24(R1), R2
ADD $(288+3*8+FIXED_FRAME), R1
BL restoreregs2<>(SB)
MOVW 8(R1), R0
MOVFL R0, $0xff
MOVD 16(R1), R0
// O=-288; for R in R{14..31}; do echo "\tMOVD\t$R, $O(R1)"|sed s/R30/g/; ((O+=8)); done; for F in F{14..31}; do echo "\tFMOVD\t$F, $O(R1)"; ((O+=8)); done
MOVD R14, -288(R1)
MOVD R15, -280(R1)
MOVD R16, -272(R1)
MOVD R17, -264(R1)
MOVD R18, -256(R1)
MOVD R19, -248(R1)
MOVD R20, -240(R1)
MOVD R21, -232(R1)
MOVD R22, -224(R1)
MOVD R23, -216(R1)
MOVD R24, -208(R1)
MOVD R25, -200(R1)
MOVD R26, -192(R1)
MOVD R27, -184(R1)
MOVD R28, -176(R1)
MOVD R29, -168(R1)
MOVD g, -160(R1)
MOVD R31, -152(R1)
FMOVD F14, -144(R1)
FMOVD F15, -136(R1)
FMOVD F16, -128(R1)
FMOVD F17, -120(R1)
FMOVD F18, -112(R1)
FMOVD F19, -104(R1)
FMOVD F20, -96(R1)
FMOVD F21, -88(R1)
FMOVD F22, -80(R1)
FMOVD F23, -72(R1)
FMOVD F24, -64(R1)
FMOVD F25, -56(R1)
FMOVD F26, -48(R1)
FMOVD F27, -40(R1)
FMOVD F28, -32(R1)
FMOVD F29, -24(R1)
FMOVD F30, -16(R1)
FMOVD F31, -8(R1)
TEXT restoreregs2<>(SB),NOSPLIT|NOFRAME,$0
// O=-288; for R in R{14..31}; do echo "\tMOVD\t$O(R1), $R"|sed s/R30/g/; ((O+=8)); done; for F in F{14..31}; do echo "\tFMOVD\t$O(R1), $F"; ((O+=8)); done
MOVD -288(R1), R14
MOVD -280(R1), R15
MOVD -272(R1), R16
MOVD -264(R1), R17
MOVD -256(R1), R18
MOVD -248(R1), R19
MOVD -240(R1), R20
MOVD -232(R1), R21
MOVD -224(R1), R22
MOVD -216(R1), R23
MOVD -208(R1), R24
MOVD -200(R1), R25
MOVD -192(R1), R26
MOVD -184(R1), R27
MOVD -176(R1), R28
MOVD -168(R1), R29
MOVD -160(R1), g
MOVD -152(R1), R31
FMOVD -144(R1), F14
FMOVD -136(R1), F15
FMOVD -128(R1), F16
FMOVD -120(R1), F17
FMOVD -112(R1), F18
FMOVD -104(R1), F19
FMOVD -96(R1), F20
FMOVD -88(R1), F21
FMOVD -80(R1), F22
FMOVD -72(R1), F23
FMOVD -64(R1), F24
FMOVD -56(R1), F25
FMOVD -48(R1), F26
FMOVD -40(R1), F27
FMOVD -32(R1), F28
FMOVD -24(R1), F29
FMOVD -16(R1), F30
FMOVD -8(R1), F31