all: REVERSE MERGE dev.cmdgo (220bc44) into master

This commit is a REVERSE MERGE.
It merges dev.cmdgo back into its parent branch, master.
This marks the end of development on dev.cmdgo.

Merge List:

+ 2021-08-27 220bc44a4c [dev.cmdgo] all: merge master (67f7e16) into dev.cmdgo
+ 2021-08-26 de83ef67ac [dev.cmdgo] all: merge master (5e6a7e9) into dev.cmdgo
+ 2021-08-25 de23549a39 [dev.cmdgo] cmd/go: fix calls to modFileGoVersion to pass in modFile
+ 2021-08-25 3b523caf41 [dev.cmdgo] cmd/go: clean up TODOWorkspaces instances
+ 2021-08-25 109c13b64f [dev.cmdgo] all: merge master (c2f96e6) into dev.cmdgo
+ 2021-08-12 e2e1987b31 [dev.cmdgo] cmd/link: fix TestBuildForTvOS
+ 2021-08-12 d397fc1169 [dev.cmdgo] don't give command-line-arguments a module
+ 2021-08-11 aaf914d0e6 [dev.cmdgo] cmd/go: remove modload.ModRoot function
+ 2021-08-06 3025ce2fa8 [dev.cmdgo] cmd/go: address code review comments in test cgo_path_space_quote
+ 2021-08-06 fc8e0cbbba [dev.cmdgo] cmd: update x/tools and remove copy of txtar
+ 2021-07-31 3799012990 [dev.cmdgo] cmd/go: add go mod editwork command
+ 2021-07-30 b3b53e1dad [dev.cmdgo] cmd/go: thread through modroots providing replacements
+ 2021-07-30 47694b59eb [dev.cmdgo] cmd/go: provide a more helpful missing required module error in workspaces
+ 2021-07-30 90830699ae [dev.cmdgo] cmd/go: allow expliticly setting -mod=readonly in workspace mode
+ 2021-07-30 8e2ab05dd3 Merge "[dev.cmdgo] all: merge master (9eee0ed) into dev.cmdgo" into dev.cmdgo
+ 2021-07-30 52e970b1c8 [dev.cmdgo] cmd: support space and quotes in CC and CXX
+ 2021-07-30 3a69cef65a [dev.cmdgo] cmd/internal/str: add utilities for quoting and splitting args
+ 2021-07-30 137089ffb9 [dev.cmdgo] cmd/internal/str: move package from cmd/go/internal/str
+ 2021-07-28 47cdfa95ae [dev.cmdgo] all: merge master (9eee0ed) into dev.cmdgo
+ 2021-07-28 176baafd5b [dev.cmdgo] cmd/go: sort roots when joining multiple main module roots
+ 2021-07-28 288a83dcff [dev.cmdgo] cmd/go: maintain a file
+ 2021-07-27 2c8acf63c2 [dev.cmdgo] cmd/go: make fewer 'go mod' commands update go.mod
+ 2021-07-27 72233d27c4 [dev.cmdgo] cmd/go: add -testsum flag to update go.sum in script tests
+ 2021-07-27 b2205eab0e [dev.cmdgo] cmd/go: add go mod initwork command
+ 2021-07-27 f05f5ceffa [dev.cmdgo] cmd/go: fold index and modFile into MainModules
+ 2021-07-26 7ce257147f [dev.cmdgo] cmd/go: add the workspace mode
+ 2021-07-26 3cd15e02ed [dev.cmdgo] cmd: pull in x/mod on the dev.cmdgo branch
+ 2021-07-22 a627fcd3c4 [dev.cmdgo] cmd/go: replace Target with MainModules, allowing for multiple targets
+ 2021-07-20 ab361499ef [dev.cmdgo] cmd/go/testdata/script: fix a small typo in modfile_flag
+ 2021-07-06 aa4da4f189 [dev.cmdgo] all: merge master (912f075) into dev.cmdgo
+ 2020-12-22 6dc2c16f95 [dev.cmdgo] codereview.cfg: add config for dev.cmdgo

Change-Id: Ic42f1273e42c90954bd61a6e4d6ca193c97bf04c
diff --git a/codereview.cfg b/codereview.cfg
index c5bef5e..77a74f1 100644
--- a/codereview.cfg
+++ b/codereview.cfg
@@ -1,2 +1 @@
-branch: dev.cmdgo
-parent-branch: master
+branch: master