[release-branch.go1.12] runtime: fix write barrier on wasm

The current wasm write barrier implementation incorrectly implements
the "deletion" part of the barrier. It correctly greys the new value
of the pointer, but rather than also greying the old value of the
pointer, it greys the object containing the slot (which, since the old
value was just overwritten, is not going to contain the old value).

This can lead to unmarked, reachable objects.

Often, this is masked by other marking activity, but one specific
sequence that can lead to an unmarked object because of this bug is:

1. Initially, GC is off, object A is reachable from just one pointer
in the heap.

2. GC starts and scans the stack of goroutine G.

3. G copies the pointer to A on to its stack and overwrites the
pointer to A in the heap. (Now A is reachable only from G's stack.)

4. GC finishes while A is still reachable from G's stack.

With a functioning deletion barrier, step 3 causes A to be greyed.
Without a functioning deletion barrier, nothing causes A to be greyed,
so A will be freed even though it's still reachable from G's stack.

This CL fixes the wasm write barrier.

Fixes #30873.

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