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# go list should fail to load a package ending with ".go" since that denotes
# a source file. However, ".go/" should work.
# TODO( perhaps we should treat non-existent paths
# with .go suffixes as package paths instead.
! go list
go list
stdout ^$
# go get -d should succeed in either case, with or without a version.
# Arguments are interpreted as packages or package patterns with versions,
# not source files.
go get -d
go get -d
go get -d
go get -d
# go get (without -d) should also succeed in either case.
# TODO( we should be consistent with 'go build',
# 'go list', and other commands. 'go list' (above) and
# 'go get' should both succeed or both fail.
[short] skip
go get
go get
go get
go get
-- go.mod --
module m
go 1.13
require v1.0.0