[release-branch.go1.9] cmd/go: accept only limited compiler and linker flags in #cgo directives

Both gcc and clang accept an option -fplugin=code.so to load
a plugin from the ELF shared object file code.so.
Obviously that plugin can then do anything it wants
during the build. This is contrary to the goal of "go get"
never running untrusted code during the build.
(What happens if you choose to run the result of
the build is your responsibility.)

Disallow this behavior by only allowing a small set of
known command-line flags in #cgo CFLAGS directives
(and #cgo LDFLAGS, etc).

The new restrictions can be adjusted by the environment
and so on. See the documentation.

In addition to excluding cgo-defined flags, we also have to
make sure that when we pass file names on the command
line, they don't look like flags. So we now refuse to build
packages containing suspicious file names like -x.go.

A wrinkle in all this is that GNU binutils uniformly accept
@foo on the command line to mean "if the file foo exists,
then substitute its contents for @foo in the command line".
So we must also reject @x.go, flags and flag arguments
beginning with @, and so on.

Fixes #23673, CVE-2018-6574.

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