runtime: implement GODEBUG=inittrace=1 support

Setting inittrace=1 causes the runtime to emit a single line to standard error for
each package with init work, summarizing the execution time and memory allocation.

The emitted debug information for init functions can be used to find bottlenecks
or regressions in Go startup performance.

Packages with no init function work (user defined or compiler generated) are omitted.

Tracing plugin inits is not supported as they can execute concurrently. This would
make the implementation of tracing more complex while adding support for a very rare
use case. Plugin inits can be traced separately by testing a main package importing
the plugins package imports explicitly.

$ GODEBUG=inittrace=1 go test
init internal/bytealg @0.008 ms, 0 ms clock, 0 bytes, 0 allocs
init runtime @0.059 ms, 0.026 ms clock, 0 bytes, 0 allocs
init math @0.19 ms, 0.001 ms clock, 0 bytes, 0 allocs
init errors @0.22 ms, 0.004 ms clock, 0 bytes, 0 allocs
init strconv @0.24 ms, 0.002 ms clock, 32 bytes, 2 allocs
init sync @0.28 ms, 0.003 ms clock, 16 bytes, 1 allocs
init unicode @0.44 ms, 0.11 ms clock, 23328 bytes, 24 allocs

Inspired by who instrumented doInit
in a prototype to measure init times with GDB.

Fixes #41378

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