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// Copyright 2009 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package typecheck
import (
func LookupRuntime(name string) *ir.Name {
s := ir.Pkgs.Runtime.Lookup(name)
if s == nil || s.Def == nil {
base.Fatalf("LookupRuntime: can't find runtime.%s", name)
return ir.AsNode(s.Def).(*ir.Name)
// SubstArgTypes substitutes the given list of types for
// successive occurrences of the "any" placeholder in the
// type syntax expression n.Type.
// The result of SubstArgTypes MUST be assigned back to old, e.g.
// n.Left = SubstArgTypes(n.Left, t1, t2)
func SubstArgTypes(old *ir.Name, types_ ...*types.Type) *ir.Name {
for _, t := range types_ {
n := ir.NewNameAt(old.Pos(), old.Sym())
n.Class = old.Class
n.SetType(types.SubstAny(old.Type(), &types_))
n.Func = old.Func
if len(types_) > 0 {
base.Fatalf("SubstArgTypes: too many argument types")
return n
// AutoLabel generates a new Name node for use with
// an automatically generated label.
// prefix is a short mnemonic (e.g. ".s" for switch)
// to help with debugging.
// It should begin with "." to avoid conflicts with
// user labels.
func AutoLabel(prefix string) *types.Sym {
if prefix[0] != '.' {
base.Fatalf("autolabel prefix must start with '.', have %q", prefix)
fn := ir.CurFunc
if ir.CurFunc == nil {
base.Fatalf("autolabel outside function")
n := fn.Label
return LookupNum(prefix, int(n))
func Lookup(name string) *types.Sym {
return types.LocalPkg.Lookup(name)
// InitRuntime loads the definitions for the low-level runtime functions,
// so that the compiler can generate calls to them,
// but does not make them visible to user code.
func InitRuntime() {
base.Timer.Start("fe", "loadsys")
types.Block = 1
typs := runtimeTypes()
for _, d := range &runtimeDecls {
sym := ir.Pkgs.Runtime.Lookup(
typ := typs[d.typ]
switch d.tag {
case funcTag:
importfunc(ir.Pkgs.Runtime, src.NoXPos, sym, typ)
case varTag:
importvar(ir.Pkgs.Runtime, src.NoXPos, sym, typ)
base.Fatalf("unhandled declaration tag %v", d.tag)
// LookupRuntimeFunc looks up Go function name in package runtime. This function
// must follow the internal calling convention.
func LookupRuntimeFunc(name string) *obj.LSym {
return LookupRuntimeABI(name, obj.ABIInternal)
// LookupRuntimeVar looks up a variable (or assembly function) name in package
// runtime. If this is a function, it may have a special calling
// convention.
func LookupRuntimeVar(name string) *obj.LSym {
return LookupRuntimeABI(name, obj.ABI0)
// LookupRuntimeABI looks up a name in package runtime using the given ABI.
func LookupRuntimeABI(name string, abi obj.ABI) *obj.LSym {
return base.PkgLinksym("runtime", name, abi)