[release-branch.go1.17] misc/wasm, cmd/link: do not let command line args overwrite global data

On Wasm, wasm_exec.js puts command line arguments at the beginning
of the linear memory (following the "zero page"). Currently there
is no limit for this, and a very long command line can overwrite
the program's data section. Prevent this by limiting the command
line to 4096 bytes, and in the linker ensuring the data section
starts at a high enough address (8192).

(Arguably our address assignment on Wasm is a bit confusing. This
is the minimum fix I can come up with.)

Thanks to Ben Lubar for reporting this issue.

Change by Cherry Mui <cherryyz@google.com>.

For #48797
Fixes #48800
Fixes CVE-2021-38297

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