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# This is the official list of people who can contribute
# (and typically have contributed) code to the Go repository.
# The AUTHORS file lists the copyright holders; this file
# lists people. For example, Google employees are listed here
# but not in AUTHORS, because Google holds the copyright.
# The submission process automatically checks to make sure
# that people submitting code are listed in this file (by email address).
# Names should be added to this file only after verifying that
# the individual or the individual's organization has agreed to
# the appropriate Contributor License Agreement, found here:
# The agreement for individuals can be filled out on the web.
# When adding J Random Contributor's name to this file,
# either J's name or J's organization's name should be
# added to the AUTHORS file, depending on whether the
# individual or corporate CLA was used.
# Names should be added to this file like so:
# Name <email address>
Adam Langley <>
Austin Clements <>
Ben Eitzen <>
Bill Neubauer <>
Brendan O'Dea <>
Cary Hull <>
Daniel Nadasi <>
David Symonds <>
Ian Lance Taylor <>
Ivan Krasin <>
Jacob Baskin <>
Kai Backman <>
Ken Thompson <>
Larry Hosken <>
Nigel Tao <>
Peter McKenzie <>
Phil Pennock <>
Rob Pike <>
Robert Griesemer <>
Russ Cox <>
Scott Schwartz <>
Stephen Ma <>
Tom Szymanski <>