runtime: add "success" field to sudog

The current wakeup protocol for channel communications is that the
second goroutine sets gp.param to the sudog when a value is
successfully communicated over the channel, and to nil when the wakeup
is due to closing the channel.

Setting nil to indicate channel closure works okay for chansend and
chanrecv, because they're only communicating with one channel, so they
know it must be the channel that was closed. However, it means
selectgo has to re-poll all of the channels to figure out which one
was closed.

This commit adds a "success" field to sudog, and changes the wakeup
protocol to always set gp.param to sg, and to use sg.success to
indicate successful communication vs channel closure.

While here, this also reorganizes the chansend code slightly so that
the sudog is still released to the pool if the send blocks and then is
awoken because the channel closed.

Updates #40410.

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