cmd/compile: keep methods on generic types from being deadcode eliminated

We currently make dictionaries contain a relocation pointing to
methods that generic code might use, so that those methods are not
deadcode eliminated. However, with inlining we can end up not using
the dictionary, making the reference from the dictionary to the method
no longer keep the method alive.

Fix this by keeping the dictionary alive at generic interface call sites.
It's a bit of overkill, as we only need to keep the dictionary statically
alive. We don't actually need it dynamically alive, which is what KeepAlive
does. But it works. It ends up generating a LEAQ + stack spill that aren't
necessary, but that's pretty low overhead.

To make this work, I needed to stop generating methods on shape types.
We should do this anyway, as we shouldn't ever need them. But currently
we do use them! issue44688.go has a test that only works because it calls
a method on a shape type. I've disabled that test for now, will work on it
in a subsequent CL.

Fixes #48047

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