runtime: fix leak and locking in BenchmarkMSpanCountAlloc

CL 249917 made the mspan in MSpanCountAlloc no longer stack-allocated
(for good reason), but then allocated an mspan on each call and did not
free it, resulting in a leak. That allocation was also not protected by
the heap lock, which could lead to data corruption of mheap fields and
the spanalloc.

To fix this, export some functions to allocate/free dummy mspans from
spanalloc (with proper locking) and allocate just one up-front for the
benchmark, freeing it at the end. Then, update MSpanCountAlloc to accept
a dummy mspan.

Note that we need to allocate the dummy mspan up-front otherwise we
measure things like heap locking and fixalloc performance instead of
what we actually want to measure: how fast we can do a popcount on the
mark bits.

Fixes #41391.

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