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# Run parallel chatty tests. Assert on CONT lines. This test makes sure that
# multiple parallel outputs have the appropriate CONT lines between them.
go test -parallel 3 chatty_parallel_test.go -v
stdout '--- PASS: TestFast \([0-9.]{4}s\)\n=== CONT TestSlow\n chatty_parallel_test.go:31: this is the second TestSlow log\n--- PASS: TestSlow \([0-9.]{4}s\)'
-- chatty_parallel_test.go --
package chatty_parallel_test
import (
var (
run = make(chan struct{})
afterFirstLog = make(chan struct{})
afterPass = make(chan struct{})
func TestFast(t *testing.T) {
t.Cleanup(func() {
func TestSlow(t *testing.T) {
t.Logf("this is the first TestSlow log")
time.Sleep(100 * time.Millisecond)
t.Logf("this is the second TestSlow log")