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# Test go commands with no module.
env GO111MODULE=on
# go mod edit fails unless given explicit mod file argument
! go mod edit -json
go mod edit -json x.mod
# bug succeeds
[exec:echo] env BROWSER=echo
[exec:echo] go bug
# commands that load the package in the current directory fail
! go build
! go fmt
! go generate
! go get
! go install
! go list
! go run
! go test
! go vet
# clean succeeds, even with -modcache
go clean -modcache
# doc succeeds for standard library
go doc unsafe
# env succeeds
go env
# tool succeeds
go tool -n test2json
# version succeeds
go version
-- x.mod --
module m
-- x.go --
package main
func main() {}