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# The command-line-arguments package does not belong to a module...
cd a
go list -f '{{.Module}}' ../b/b.go
stdout '^<nil>$'
# ... even if the arguments are sources from that module
go list -f '{{.Module}}' a.go
stdout '^<nil>$'
[short] skip
# check that the version of command-line-arguments doesn't include a module
go build -o a.exe a.go
go version -m a.exe
stdout '^\tpath\tcommand-line-arguments$'
stdout '^\tdep\ta\t\(devel\)\t$'
! stdout mod
-- a/go.mod --
module a
go 1.17
-- a/a.go --
package main
import "a/dep"
func main() {
-- a/dep/dep.go --
package dep
func D() {}
-- b/b.go --
package b