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[!net] skip
[!exec:svn] skip
# 'go get' will fall back to svn+ssh once svn fails over protocols like https.
# If isn't in the user's known_hosts file, this will result
# in an ssh prompt, which will stop 'go test' entirely
# Unfortunately, there isn't a way to globally disable host checking for ssh,
# without modifying the real system's or user's configs. Changing $HOME won't
# affect ssh either, as it ignores the environment variable entirely.
# However, a useful trick is pointing SVN_SSH to a program that doesn't exist,
# resulting in svn skipping ssh entirely. Alternatives like
# SVN_SSH="ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no" didn't avoid the prompt.
env SVN_SSH="svn_do_not_use_ssh"
env GO111MODULE=on
env GOPROXY=direct
env GOSUMDB=off
# Attempting to get a module zip using svn should succeed.
go get
exists $GOPATH/pkg/mod/cache/download/
exists $GOPATH/bin/hello.svn$GOEXE
# Attempting to get a nonexistent module using svn should fail with a
# reasonable message instead of a panic.
! go get -d
! stderr panic
stderr 'go get no matching versions for query "upgrade"'
-- go.mod --
module golang/go/issues/28943/main
-- go.sum -- v0.0.0-20170922011245-000000000001 h1:rZjvboXMfQICKXdhx/QHqJ2Y/AQsJVrXnwGqwcTxQiw= v0.0.0-20170922011245-000000000001/go.mod h1:0memnh/BRLuxiK2zF4rvUgz6ts/fhhB28l3ULFWPusc=