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cd subdir
# 'go get' on empty patterns that are necessarily local to the module
# should warn that the patterns are empty, exactly once.
go get ./...
stderr -count=1 'matched no packages'
go get -d ./...
stderr -count=1 'matched no packages'
# 'go get' on patterns that could conceivably match nested modules
# should report a module resolution error.
go get -d # control case
! go get -d
! stderr 'matched no packages'
stderr '^go get example\.net/emptysubdir/subdir/\.\.\.: module example\.net/emptysubdir/subdir: reading http://.*: 404 Not Found\n\tserver response: 404 page not found\n\z'
# It doesn't make sense to 'go get' a path in the standard library,
# since the standard library necessarily can't have unresolved imports.
# TODO(#30241): Maybe that won't always be the case?
# For that case, we emit a "malformed module path" error message,
# which isn't ideal either.
! go get -d builtin/... # in GOROOT/src, but contains no packages
stderr '^go get builtin/...: malformed module path "builtin": missing dot in first path element$'
-- go.mod --
go 1.16
-- emptysubdir.go --
// Package emptysubdir has a subdirectory containing no packages.
package emptysubdir
-- subdir/README.txt --
This module intentionally does not contain any p