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env GO111MODULE=off
# gccgo does not have standard packages.
[gccgo] skip
# fmt should have no rewritten imports.
# The import from a/b should map c/d to a's vendor directory.
go list -f '{{.ImportPath}}: {{.ImportMap}}' fmt a/b
stdout 'fmt: map\[\]'
stdout 'a/b: map\[c/d:a/vendor/c/d\]'
# flag [fmt.test] should import fmt [fmt.test] as fmt
# fmt.test should import testing [fmt.test] as testing
# fmt.test should not import a modified os
go list -deps -test -f '{{.ImportPath}} MAP: {{.ImportMap}}{{"\n"}}{{.ImportPath}} IMPORT: {{.Imports}}' fmt
stdout '^flag \[fmt\.test\] MAP: map\[fmt:fmt \[fmt\.test\]\]'
stdout '^fmt\.test MAP: map\[(.* )?testing:testing \[fmt\.test\]'
! stdout '^fmt\.test MAP: map\[(.* )?os:'
stdout '^fmt\.test IMPORT: \[fmt \[fmt\.test\] fmt_test \[fmt\.test\] os reflect testing \[fmt\.test\] testing/internal/testdeps \[fmt\.test\]\]'
-- a/b/b.go --
package b
import _ "c/d"
-- a/vendor/c/d/d.go --
package d