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# Tests
go list -json example/a
stdout 'case-insensitive import collision'
! go build example/a
stderr 'case-insensitive import collision'
# List files explicitly on command line, to encounter case-checking
# logic even on case-insensitive filesystems.
cp b/file.go b/FILE.go # no-op on case-insensitive filesystems
! go list b/file.go b/FILE.go
stderr 'case-insensitive file name collision'
mkdir a/Pkg # no-op on case-insensitive filesystems
cp a/pkg/pkg.go a/Pkg/pkg.go # no-op on case-insensitive filesystems
! go list example/a/pkg example/a/Pkg
# Test that the path reported with an indirect import is correct.
cp b/file.go b/FILE.go
[case-sensitive] ! go build example/c
[case-sensitive] stderr '^package example/c\n\timports example/b: case-insensitive file name collision: "FILE.go" and "file.go"$'
-- go.mod --
module example
go 1.16
-- a/a.go --
package p
import (
_ "example/a/pkg"
_ "example/a/Pkg"
-- a/pkg/pkg.go --
package pkg
-- b/file.go --
package b
-- c/c.go --
package c
import _ "example/b"