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env GO111MODULE=off
[short] skip # rebuilds std for alternate architecture
cd mycmd
go build mycmd
# cross-compile install with implicit GOBIN=$GOPATH/bin can make subdirectory
env GOARCH=386
[386] env GOARCH=amd64
env GOOS=linux
go install mycmd
exists $GOPATH/bin/linux_$GOARCH/mycmd
# cross-compile install with explicit GOBIN cannot make subdirectory
env GOBIN=$WORK/bin
! go install mycmd
! exists $GOBIN/linux_$GOARCH
# The install directory for a cross-compiled standard command should include GOARCH.
go list -f '{{.Target}}' cmd/pack
stdout ${GOROOT}[/\\]pkg[/\\]tool[/\\]${GOOS}_${GOARCH}[/\\]pack$
-- mycmd/x.go --
package main
func main() {}