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[short] skip
[gccgo] skip # gccgo has no cover tool
# Test cover for a package that has an assembly function.
go test -outputdir=$WORK -coverprofile=cover.out coverasm
go tool cover -func=$WORK/cover.out
stdout '\tg\t*100.0%' # Check g is 100% covered.
! stdout '\tf\t*[0-9]' # Check for no coverage on the assembly function
-- go.mod --
module coverasm
go 1.16
-- p.go --
package p
func f()
func g() {
-- p.s --
// empty asm file,
// so go test doesn't complain about declaration of f in p.go.
-- p_test.go --
package p
import "testing"
func Test(t *testing.T) {