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// Copyright 2009 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package ssagen
import (
var Arch ArchInfo
// interface to back end
type ArchInfo struct {
LinkArch *obj.LinkArch
SoftFloat bool
PadFrame func(int64) int64
// ZeroRange zeroes a range of memory on stack. It is only inserted
// at function entry, and it is ok to clobber registers.
ZeroRange func(*objw.Progs, *obj.Prog, int64, int64, *uint32) *obj.Prog
Ginsnop func(*objw.Progs) *obj.Prog
// SSAMarkMoves marks any MOVXconst ops that need to avoid clobbering flags.
SSAMarkMoves func(*State, *ssa.Block)
// SSAGenValue emits Prog(s) for the Value.
SSAGenValue func(*State, *ssa.Value)
// SSAGenBlock emits end-of-block Progs. SSAGenValue should be called
// for all values in the block before SSAGenBlock.
SSAGenBlock func(s *State, b, next *ssa.Block)
// LoadRegResult emits instructions that loads register-assigned result
// at n+off (n is PPARAMOUT) to register reg. The result is already in
// memory. Used in open-coded defer return path.
LoadRegResult func(s *State, f *ssa.Func, t *types.Type, reg int16, n *ir.Name, off int64) *obj.Prog
// SpillArgReg emits instructions that spill reg to n+off.
SpillArgReg func(pp *objw.Progs, p *obj.Prog, f *ssa.Func, t *types.Type, reg int16, n *ir.Name, off int64) *obj.Prog