[dev.typealias] dev.typealias: merge go1.8.1 into dev.typealias

This also includes fixes since Go 1.8rc3.

a4c18f063b [release-branch.go1.8] go1.8.1
8babce23e3 [release-branch.go1.8] doc: document go1.8.1
853d533ed6 [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/go: add test for test -race -i behavior
166f2159d8 [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/go: do not install broken libraries during 'go test -i -race'
95a5b80e6d [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/compile: added special case for reflect header fields to esc
fe79c75268 [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/compile: add missing WBs for reflect.{Slice,String}Header.Data
d7989b784e [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/link: skip TestDWARF when cgo is disabled
056be9f79c [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/link: skip TestDWARF on Plan 9
02240408a1 [release-branch.go1.8] encoding/xml: disable checking of attribute syntax, like Go 1.7
04017ffadf [release-branch.go1.8] reflect: fix out-of-bounds pointers calling no-result method
2d0043014f [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/link: emit a mach-o dwarf segment that dsymutil will accept
3ca0d34fa1 [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/link: make mach-o dwarf segment properly aligned
84192f2734 [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/link: disable mach-o dwarf munging with -w (in addition to -s)
752b8b773d [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/compile: don't crash when slicing non-slice
ff5695d0fd [release-branch.go1.8] runtime: print user stack on other threads during GOTRACBEACK=crash
517a38c630 [release-branch.go1.8] test/fixedbugs: add test for #19403
dc70a5efd1 [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/compile: mark MOVWF/MOVFW clobbering F15 on ARM
77476e81d9 [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/compile,runtime: fix atomic And8 for mipsle
bf71119d54 [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/compile: repaired loop-finder to handle trickier nesting
11a224bc56 [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/compile: add opcode flag hasSideEffects for do-not-remove
3a8841bcaf [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/link: do not pass -s through to host linker on macOS
6c5abcf21a [release-branch.go1.8] text/template: fix handling of empty blocks
43fa04c23c [release-branch.go1.8] image/png: restore Go 1.7 rejection of transparent gray8 images
e35c01b404 [release-branch.go1.8] net, net/http: adjust time-in-past constant even earlier
c955eb1935 [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/compile/internal/ssa: don't schedule values after select
f8ed4539eb [release-branch.go1.8] os/exec: deflake TestStdinCloseRace
d43130743c [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/link: put plt stubs first in Textp on ppc64x
0a5cec792f [release-branch.go1.8] doc: reorganize the contribution guidelines into a guide
8890527476 [release-branch.go1.8] time: make the ParseInLocation test more robust
ea6781bcd0 [release-branch.go1.8] crypto/tls: make Config.Clone also clone the GetClientCertificate field
2327d696c1 [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/compile: do not fold offset into load/store for args on ARM64
ba48d2002e [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/compile: check both syms when folding address into load/store on ARM64
b43fabfb30 [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/compile: add zero-extension before right shift when lowering Lrot on ARM
6a712dfac1 [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/compile: fix merging of s390x conditional moves into branch conditions
865536b197 [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/compile: remove unnecessary type conversions on s390x
bae53daa72 [release-branch.go1.8] runtime: avoid O(n) semaphore list walk in contention profiling
d4ee1f4a40 [release-branch.go1.8] website: mention go1.8 in project page
991ee8f4ac [release-branch.go1.8] doc: fix broken link in go1.8.html
cd6b6202dd [release-branch.go1.8] go1.8
606eb9b0c1 [release-branch.go1.8] doc: document go1.8
bcda91c18d [release-branch.go1.8] runtime: do not call wakep from enlistWorker, to avoid possible deadlock
7d7a0a9d64 [release-branch.go1.8] doc: update Code of Conduct wording and scope
cedc511a6e [release-branch.go1.8] encoding/xml: fix incorrect indirect code in chardata, comment, innerxml fields
ae13ccfd6d [release-branch.go1.8] database/sql: convert test timeouts to explicit waits with checks
7cec9a583d [release-branch.go1.8] reflect: clear ptrToThis in Ptr when allocating result on heap
d84dee069a [release-branch.go1.8] database/sql: ensure driverConns are closed if not returned to pool
f1e44a4b74 [release-branch.go1.8] database/sql: do not exhaust connection pool on conn request timeout
3ade54063e [release-branch.go1.8] database/sql: record the context error in Rows if canceled
0545006bdb [release-branch.go1.8] crypto/x509: check for new tls-ca-bundle.pem last
1363eeba65 [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/go, go/build: better defenses against GOPATH=GOROOT
1edfd64761 [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/compile: do not use "oaslit" for global
6eb0f5440e [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/compile/internal/syntax: avoid follow-up error for incorrect if statement
c543cc353d [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/compile/internal/syntax: make a parser error "1.7 compliant"
f0749fe163 [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/link: use external linking for PIE by default
ba878ac0c8 [release-branch.go1.8] doc: remove inactive members of the CoC working group
6177f6d448 [release-branch.go1.8] vendor/golang.org/x/crypto/curve25519: avoid loss of R15 in -dynlink mode
67cd1fa780 [release-branch.go1.8] cmd/compile: do not fold large offset on ARM64

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