[release-branch.go1.8] cmd/link: implement trampolines for ppc64le with ext linking

When using golang on ppc64le there have been issues
when building executables that generate extremely large text
sections.  This is due to the call instruction and the limitation
on the offset field, which is smaller than most platforms.  If the
size of the call target offset is too big for the offset field in
the call instruction, then link errors can occur.

The original solution to this problem in golang was to split the
text section when it became too large, allowing the external (GNU)
linker to insert the necessary stub to handle the long call.  That
worked fine until the another size limit for the program size was hit,
where a plt_branch was created instead of a long branch.  In that case
the plt_branch code sequence expects r2 to contain the address of the
TOC, but when golang creates dynamic executables by default
(-buildmode=exe) r2 does not always contain the address of the TOC
and as a result when building programs that reach this extremely
large size, a runtime SEGV or SIGILL can occur due to branching to a bad

When using internal linking, trampolines are generated to handle the
long calls but the text sections are not split.  With this change,
text sections will still be split approrpriately with external linking
but if the buildmode being used does not maintain r2 as the TOC
addresses, then trampolines will be created for those calls.

Fixes #20497

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