cmd/go, cmd/cgo: don't let bogus symbol set cgo_ldflag

A hand-edited object file can have a symbol name that uses newline and
other normally invalid characters. The cgo tool will generate Go files
containing symbol names, unquoted. That can permit those symbol names
to inject Go code into a cgo-generated file. If that Go code uses the
//go:cgo_ldflag pragma, it can cause the C linker to run arbitrary
code when building a package. If you build an imported package we
permit arbitrary code at run time, but we don't want to permit it at
package build time. This CL prevents this in two ways.

In cgo, reject invalid symbols that contain non-printable or space
characters, or that contain anything that looks like a Go comment.

In the go tool, double check all //go:cgo_ldflag directives in
generated code, to make sure they follow the existing LDFLAG restrictions.

Thanks to Imre Rad / for
reporting this.

Fixes CVE-2020-28367

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