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// Copyright © 2016 Steve Francia <>.
// Use of this source code is governed by an MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package jwalterweatherman
import (
var (
TRACE *log.Logger
DEBUG *log.Logger
INFO *log.Logger
WARN *log.Logger
ERROR *log.Logger
CRITICAL *log.Logger
FATAL *log.Logger
LOG *log.Logger
FEEDBACK *Feedback
defaultNotepad *Notepad
func reloadDefaultNotepad() {
TRACE = defaultNotepad.TRACE
DEBUG = defaultNotepad.DEBUG
INFO = defaultNotepad.INFO
WARN = defaultNotepad.WARN
ERROR = defaultNotepad.ERROR
CRITICAL = defaultNotepad.CRITICAL
FATAL = defaultNotepad.FATAL
LOG = defaultNotepad.LOG
FEEDBACK = defaultNotepad.FEEDBACK
func init() {
defaultNotepad = NewNotepad(LevelError, LevelWarn, os.Stdout, ioutil.Discard, "", log.Ldate|log.Ltime)
// SetLogThreshold set the log threshold for the default notepad. Trace by default.
func SetLogThreshold(threshold Threshold) {
// SetLogOutput set the log output for the default notepad. Discarded by default.
func SetLogOutput(handle io.Writer) {
// SetStdoutThreshold set the standard output threshold for the default notepad.
// Info by default.
func SetStdoutThreshold(threshold Threshold) {
// SetPrefix set the prefix for the default logger. Empty by default.
func SetPrefix(prefix string) {
// SetFlags set the flags for the default logger. "log.Ldate | log.Ltime" by default.
func SetFlags(flags int) {
// Level returns the current global log threshold.
func LogThreshold() Threshold {
return defaultNotepad.logThreshold
// Level returns the current global output threshold.
func StdoutThreshold() Threshold {
return defaultNotepad.stdoutThreshold
// GetStdoutThreshold returns the defined Treshold for the log logger.
func GetLogThreshold() Threshold {
return defaultNotepad.GetLogThreshold()
// GetStdoutThreshold returns the Treshold for the stdout logger.
func GetStdoutThreshold() Threshold {
return defaultNotepad.GetStdoutThreshold()
// LogCountForLevel returns the number of log invocations for a given threshold.
func LogCountForLevel(l Threshold) uint64 {
return defaultNotepad.LogCountForLevel(l)
// LogCountForLevelsGreaterThanorEqualTo returns the number of log invocations
// greater than or equal to a given threshold.
func LogCountForLevelsGreaterThanorEqualTo(threshold Threshold) uint64 {
return defaultNotepad.LogCountForLevelsGreaterThanorEqualTo(threshold)
// ResetLogCounters resets the invocation counters for all levels.
func ResetLogCounters() {