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runtime: go
api_version: go1.9
- url: /robots\.txt
static_files: assets/robots.txt
upload: assets/robots.txt
secure: always
- url: /favicon\.ico
static_files: present/static/favicon.ico
upload: present/static/favicon.ico
secure: always
- url: /static
static_dir: present/static
secure: always
- url: /play\.js
static_files: present/play.js
upload: present/play.js
secure: always
- url: /.*
script: _go_app
secure: always
CONTACT_EMAIL: '' # set contact email for /bot.html
GITHUB_CLIENT_ID: '' # used to increase rate-limits; see
GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET: '' # used to increase rate-limits; see
GITHUB_TOKEN: '' # personal token used for authentication; see