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<h2>Tools for {{$.pdoc.PageName}}</h2>
<p><a href="{{.uri}}"><img src="{{.uri}}?status.svg" alt="GoDoc"></a>
<p>Use one of the snippets below to add a link to GoDoc from your project
website or README file:</a>
<input type="text" value='<a href="{{.uri}}"><img src="{{.uri}}?status.svg" alt="GoDoc"></a>' class="click-select form-control">
<input type="text" value="[![GoDoc]({{.uri}}?status.svg)]({{.uri}})" class="click-select form-control">
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<p>The {{.pdoc.Name}} package does not have a package declaration
comment. See the <a
documentation guidelines</a> for information on how to write a package
comment. It's important to write a good summary of the package in the
first sentence of the package comment. GoDoc indexes the first sentence
and displays the first sentence in package lists.