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#!/bin/bash -e
# This script rebuilds the generated code for the protocol buffers.
# To run this you will need protoc and goprotobuf installed;
# see for instructions.
function die() {
echo 1>&2 $*
exit 1
# Sanity check that the right tools are accessible.
for tool in go protoc protoc-gen-go; do
q=$(which $tool) || die "didn't find $tool"
echo 1>&2 "$tool: $q"
echo -n 1>&2 "finding package dir... "
pkgdir=$(go list -f '{{.Dir}}' $PKG)
echo 1>&2 $pkgdir
base=$(echo $pkgdir | sed "s,/$PKG\$,,")
echo 1>&2 "base: $base"
cd $base
# Run protoc once per package.
for dir in $(find $PKG/internal -name '*.proto' | xargs dirname | sort | uniq); do
echo 1>&2 "* $dir"
protoc --go_out=. $dir/*.proto
for f in $(find $PKG/internal -name '*.pb.go'); do
# Remove proto.RegisterEnum calls.
# These cause duplicate registration panics when these packages
# are used on classic App Engine. proto.RegisterEnum only affects
# parsing the text format; we don't care about that.
sed -i '/proto.RegisterEnum/d' $f