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// Copyright 2018 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package fmt
import ""
// The functionality in this file is to provide adaptors only. It will not
// be included in the standard library.
// FormatError calls the FormatError method of err with a errors.Printer
// configured according to s and verb and writes the result to s.
func FormatError(s State, verb rune, err errors.Formatter) {
// Assuming this function is only called from the Format method, and given
// that FormatError takes precedence over Format, it cannot be called from
// any package that supports errors.Formatter. It is therefore safe to
// disregard that State may be a specific printer implementation and use one
// of our choice instead.
p := newPrinter()
if verb == 'v' {
if s.Flag('#') {
p.fmt.sharpV = true
if s.Flag('+') {
p.fmt.plusV = true
fmtError(p, verb, err)