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// Copyright 2017 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package screen
import (
func TestSanitizeUTF8(t *testing.T) {
const n = 8
testCases := []struct {
s, want string
{"", ""},
{"a", "a"},
{"a\x00", "a"},
{"a\x80", "a"},
{"\x00a", ""},
{"\x80a", ""},
{"abc", "abc"},
{"foo b\x00r qux", "foo b"},
{"foo b\x80r qux", "foo b"},
{"foo b\xffr qux", "foo b"},
// "\xc3\xa0" is U+00E0 LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH GRAVE.
{"\xc3\xa0pqrs", "\u00e0pqrs"},
{"a\xc3\xa0pqrs", "a\u00e0pqrs"},
{"ab\xc3\xa0pqrs", "ab\u00e0pqrs"},
{"abc\xc3\xa0pqrs", "abc\u00e0pqr"},
{"abcd\xc3\xa0pqrs", "abcd\u00e0pq"},
{"abcde\xc3\xa0pqrs", "abcde\u00e0p"},
{"abcdef\xc3\xa0pqrs", "abcdef\u00e0"},
{"abcdefg\xc3\xa0pqrs", "abcdefg"},
{"abcdefgh\xc3\xa0pqrs", "abcdefgh"},
{"abcdefghi\xc3\xa0pqrs", "abcdefgh"},
{"abcdefghij\xc3\xa0pqrs", "abcdefgh"},
// "世" is "\xe4\xb8\x96".
// "界" is "\xe7\x95\x8c".
{"H 世界", "H 世界"},
{"Hi 世界", "Hi 世"},
{"Hello 世界", "Hello "},
for _, tc := range testCases {
if got := sanitizeUTF8(tc.s, n); got != tc.want {
t.Errorf("sanitizeUTF8(%q): got %q, want %q", tc.s, got, tc.want)