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// Copyright 2020 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Package eventtest supports logging events to a test.
// You can use NewContext to create a context that knows how to deliver
// telemetry events back to the test.
// You must use this context or a derived one anywhere you want telemetry to be
// correctly routed back to the test it was constructed with.
package eventtest
import (
// NewContext returns a context you should use for the active test.
func NewContext(ctx context.Context, tb testing.TB) context.Context {
h := &testHandler{tb: tb}
return event.WithExporter(ctx, event.NewExporter(h, nil))
type testHandler struct {
tb testing.TB
printer logfmt.Printer
func (h *testHandler) Log(ctx context.Context, ev *event.Event) {
h.event(ctx, ev)
func (h *testHandler) Metric(ctx context.Context, ev *event.Event) {
h.event(ctx, ev)
func (h *testHandler) Annotate(ctx context.Context, ev *event.Event) {
h.event(ctx, ev)
func (h *testHandler) Start(ctx context.Context, ev *event.Event) context.Context {
h.event(ctx, ev)
return ctx
func (h *testHandler) End(ctx context.Context, ev *event.Event) {
h.event(ctx, ev)
func (h *testHandler) event(ctx context.Context, ev *event.Event) {
//TODO: choose between stdout and stderr based on the event
//TODO: decide if we should be calling h.tb.Fail()
h.printer.Event(os.Stdout, ev)
func ExporterOptions() *event.ExporterOptions {
nextTime, _ := time.Parse(time.RFC3339Nano, "2020-03-05T14:27:48Z")
return &event.ExporterOptions{
Now: func() time.Time {
thisTime := nextTime
nextTime = nextTime.Add(time.Second)
return thisTime