cmd/viewcore/vendor: delete

The vendor directory in cmd/viewcore was added in CL 115056 to achieve
reproducible builds and tests.

A go.mod file was added in CL 167178, and it has since been updated
in CL 170786 and CL 207197. The cmd/viewcore/vendor directory has not
been updated since its addition other than CL 121016 to add missing
packages, and CL 121435 to remove files and packages for tests.
As a result, the vendored package is 2 years old,
while the required x/sys module in go.mod is much newer.

The vendor directory is managed by the govendor tool, which has been
recently deprecated in favor of Go module mode.

In order to resolve this version skew and inability to manage the
vendor directory, delete it and rely on the go.mod and go.sum files
alongside with the Go module mirror at to provide
reproducible, available, and secure builds.

Update the README contributing section to match other
repository README files.

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