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  1. 547453c cmd/viewcore: don't panic because of missing executable by Hana (Hyang-Ah) Kim · 4 weeks ago master
  2. c2309f2 internal/gocore: don't crash on missing producer by Heschi Kreinick · 5 weeks ago
  3. 3b78d99 internal/gocore: don't panic if backtrace fails by Heschi Kreinick · 7 weeks ago
  4. 1ff449a internal/gocore: add parsing test for 1.11 core by Keith Randall · 7 weeks ago
  5. 11d5b5e cmd/viewcore: exit normally with 'bye' and 'exit' commands by Hana (Hyang-Ah) Kim · 9 weeks ago

Go Debug

This repository holds utilities and libraries for debugging Go programs.

WARNING! Please expect breaking changes and unstable APIs. Most of them are currently are at an early, experimental stage.

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