dwtest: add new pseudo-package with DWARF location tests

This patch rolls out a new set of regression tests for verifying the
integrity of DWARF variable location expressions. The tests use a
"scaffold" consisting of harness program 'dwdumploc' that can be run
on a Go binary to dump out the DWARF location expressions for a
function's formal parameters, and then a new set of tests that invoke
the harness on specific canned testcases. The scaffold itself depends
on packages from Delve.

DWARF location expressions can refer to machine registers, making the
output of the dump architecture-dependent. The dumper program
currently supports { Amd64, Arm64 } x { Linux, Macho, Windows }, which
matches up mostly with current Delve support.

Updates golang/go#47354.
Updates golang/go#46845.

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