gocore: bugfix to Go 1.17 cores, Go 1.16 cores and Go 1.11+ cores

This CL fixes several bugs in `gocore`, the library that `viewcore` uses to
parse a core dump, as well as adds general updates for the more recent Go

First, we fix _func types for Go 1.16. In 1.16, the types of a few fields in
_func were changed. This commit makes the corresponding change to gocore. This
is the commit the changed the field types: CL 248332. Additionally, we
updated the func parsing to deal with the new split pclntab.

Previously, the code that deserialized the heapArena.bitmap field to
check whether addresses contained pointers or not was incorrect. It was
treating the entire bitmap as 1 bit per pointer.

However, that is not what the bitmap represents. Each byte in the bitmap
is actually split in half. The high bits contain the 4 scan bits. And
the low bits contain the 4 pointer bits.

for a more detailed description.

This commit corrects the issue and allows gocore to correctly traverse
the object graph.

Finally, for Go 1.17, we stop subtracting the heap unallocated space
represented by curArena from the total size of the heap. This reflects the
change that was made in CL 270537.

Also, a few incidental fixes:
- Stop thrashing the viewcore cache on the first command in interactive mode.
- Synthesize types for 0-size arrays in structs

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