acme: add KID variant to jwsEncodeJSON

RFC8555 requires that most requests contain "kid" field in the
protected header. The JWK version is still used for new account
creation and certificate revocation requests. Previously,
in earlier drafts JWK variant was used exclusively.

While JWK is computed based off the account public key,
the new "kid" field takes literal value of the Account URL
provided by the CA during a new registration. The actual support
for KID-based JWS requests in Client will be added in a follow up CL.

For what concerns the existing behaviour of JWS requests,
a new field "url" is added to the protected header.

    {"alg":"...", "jwk":"...", "nonce":"..."}


    {"alg":"...", "jwk":"...", "nonce":"...", "url":"..."}

where the new field takes a value of the target request URL.
This still works for CAs supporting pre-RFC protocol versions.

Updates golang/go#21081

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