acme/autocert: fix races in renewal tests

TestRenewFromCache and TestRenewFromCacheAlreadyRenewed had several
races and API misuses:

1. They called t.Fatalf from a goroutine other than the one invoking
   the Test function, which is explicitly disallowed (see

2. The test did not stop the renewal timers prior to restoring
   test-hook functions, and the process of stopping the renewal timers
   itself did not wait for in-flight calls to complete. That could
   cause data races if one of the renewals failed and triggered a
   retry with a short-enough randomized backoff.
   (One such race was observed in

3. The testDidRenewLoop hooks accessed the Manager.renewal field
   without locking the Mutex guarding that field.

4. TestGetCertificate_failedAttempt set a testDidRemoveState hook, but
   didn't wait for the timers referring to that hook to complete
   before restoring it, causing races with other timers. I tried
   pulling on that thread a bit, but couldn't untangle the numerous
   untracked goroutines in the package. Instead, I have made a smaller
   and more local change to copy the value of testDidRemoveState into
   a local variable in the timer's closure.

Given the number of untracked goroutines in this package, it is likely
that races and/or deadlocks remain. Notably, so far I have been unable
to spot the actual cause of golang/go#51080.

For golang/go#51080

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  6. blowfish/
  7. bn256/
  8. cast5/
  9. chacha20/
  10. chacha20poly1305/
  11. cryptobyte/
  12. curve25519/
  13. ed25519/
  14. hkdf/
  15. internal/
  16. md4/
  17. nacl/
  18. ocsp/
  19. openpgp/
  20. otr/
  21. pbkdf2/
  22. pkcs12/
  23. poly1305/
  24. ripemd160/
  25. salsa20/
  26. scrypt/
  27. sha3/
  28. ssh/
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