internal/wycheproof: add Wycheproof tests for verifying signatures provides test vectors exposing
vulnerabilities in crypto packages. This change creates a new package
called internal/wycheproof that runs these Wycheproof tests against
a number of pacakages in the standard library (and in the future,

Directory structure:
 - interal/wycheproof/internal/ecdsa: internal version of ecdsa package which
includes a new function that verifies ASN encoded signatures directly
 - interal/wycheproof/internal/dsa: internal version of dsa package which
includes a new function that verifies ASN encoded signatures directly
 - internal/wycheproof: all tests

internal/wycheproof/wycheproof_test.go provides utility functions that are
common to many tests in the package, and contains the TestMain which
fetches from the source.

This change includes tests for signature verification with dsa, ecdsa,
eddsa, and rsa (both PKCS#1 v1.5 and PSS signatures).

Note that these tests download testdata from
by running `go mod download` in the TestMain. This means that internet
access will be necessary in order to run these tests if the testdata is
not already in your module cache.

More tests will be added incrementally.

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  36. salsa20/
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  38. sha3/
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