ssh: don't advertise rsa-sha2 algorithms if we can't use them

The server implementation looks at the HostKeys to advertise and
negotiate host key signature algorithms. A fundamental issue of the
Signer and AlgorithmSigner interfaces is that they don't expose the
supported signature algorithms, so really the server has to guess.

Currently, it would guess exclusively based on the PublicKey.Type,
regardless of whether the host key implemented AlgorithmSigner. This
means that a legacy Signer that only supports ssh-rsa still led the
server to negotiate rsa-sha2 algorithms. The server would then fail to
find a suitable host key to make the signature and crash.

This won't happen if only Signers from this package are used, but if a
custom Signer that doesn't support SignWithAlgorithm() but returns
"ssh-rsa" from PublicKey().Type() is used as a HostKey, the server is
vulnerable to DoS.

The only workable rules to determine what to advertise seems to be:

   1. a pure Signer will always Sign with the PublicKey.Type

   2. an AlgorithmSigner supports all algorithms associated with the

Rule number two means that we can't add new supported algorithms in the
future, which is not great, but it's too late to fix that.

rsaSigner was breaking rule number one, and although it would have been
fine where it's used, I didn't want to break our own interface contract.

It's unclear why we had separate test key entries for rsa-sha2
algorithms, since we can use the ssh-rsa key for those. The only test
that used them, TestCertTypes, seemed broken: the init was actually
failing at making the corresponding signers rsaSigners, and indeed the
test for the SHA-256 signer expected and checked a SHA-512 signature.

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