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// Copyright 2024 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package main
import (
// Interface matching macservice.Client to use for test mocking.
type macServiceClient interface {
Lease(macservice.LeaseRequest) (macservice.LeaseResponse, error)
Renew(macservice.RenewRequest) (macservice.RenewResponse, error)
Vacate(macservice.VacateRequest) error
Find(macservice.FindRequest) (macservice.FindResponse, error)
// readOnlyMacServiceClient wraps a macServiceClient, logging instead of
// performing mutating actions. Used for dry run mode.
type readOnlyMacServiceClient struct {
mc macServiceClient
func (r readOnlyMacServiceClient) Lease(req macservice.LeaseRequest) (macservice.LeaseResponse, error) {
log.Printf("DRY RUN: Create lease with image %s", req.InstanceSpecification.DiskSelection.ImageHashes.BootSHA256)
return macservice.LeaseResponse{
PendingLease: macservice.Lease{LeaseID: "dry-run-lease"},
}, nil
func (r readOnlyMacServiceClient) Renew(req macservice.RenewRequest) (macservice.RenewResponse, error) {
log.Printf("DRY RUN: Renew lease %s with duration %s", req.LeaseID, req.Duration)
return macservice.RenewResponse{}, nil // Perhaps fake RenewResponse.Expires?
func (r readOnlyMacServiceClient) Vacate(req macservice.VacateRequest) error {
log.Printf("DRY RUN: Vacate lease %s", req.LeaseID)
return nil
func (r readOnlyMacServiceClient) Find(req macservice.FindRequest) (macservice.FindResponse, error) {