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# Building Docker image
If you have access to the Go build staging project (`go-dashboard-dev`) or
production project (`symbolic-datum-552`), use the `make staging` or `make
prod` targets to build a Docker image and push it to the correct Docker
To build the image for your own dev environment, first build the
`linux-x86-std-kube` image with `make dev REPO=your/docker/repo/prefix`, then
build this image using the same repo prefix, i.e.,
`make dev REPO=your/docker/repo/prefix`.
# Running locally
$ export BUILD=nacl-amd64p32-temp
$ export BUILDREV=59b1bb4bf045
$ docker run \
-v $HOME/keys/$BUILD.buildkey:/.gobuildkey \
gobuilders/linux-x86-nacl \
/usr/local/bin/builder -rev=$BUILDREV -buildroot=/ -v -cmd=/usr/local/bin/ $BUILD