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The Disk should be formatted with a case insensitive file system (default).
Install VMWare tools daemon.
- you should be able to do this from the vSphere UI, but I got errors with Mojave.
- backup plan:
and then copy the darwin.iso to the host and install it manually.
- open security preferences and click "Allow" on blocked software install from VMware
- reboot
- make sure you can run and see:
$ /Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/vmware-tools-daemon --cmd "info-get"
No value value
Download Go 1.13.4 or newer tarball via curl (bootstrap version of Go must be signed and notorized in macOS version >= 10.15).
tar -xf <go.darwin-amd64.tar.gz>
mv go $HOME/goboot
System Preferences > Software Update > off
System Preferences > Desktop & Screensaver > never screensaver
System Preferences > Energy Saver > never sleep
System Preferences > Sharing > enable ssh (enable for administrators)
Create executable $HOME/ with:
while true; do (curl -v$(sw_vers -productVersion) | sh); sleep 5; done
chmod +x $HOME/
File > New > Application
[+] Run shell script
[ open -a $HOME/ ]
Save to desktop as "run-builder"
System Preferences > Users & Groups > auto-login "gopher" user, run Desktop/run-builder (automator app)
passwordless sudo:
sudo visudo
Change line from:
%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL
install xcode
- Version < 10.9: search and install an older compatible version of Xcode.
- Versions 10.10, 10.9: running git first time will prompt for install.
- Version => 10.15: download Xcode from the Apple Developer site.
verbose boot: (text instead of apple image)
sudo nvram boot-args="-v"