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# Copyright 2019 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
set -e
set -x
# Create disk, forking debian-vmx-stretch
gcloud compute disks delete $TMP_DISK --zone=$ZONE --quiet || true
gcloud compute disks create $TMP_DISK \
--zone=$ZONE \
--size=40GB \
gcloud compute images delete $TMP_IMG --quiet || true
gcloud compute images create \
--source-disk=$TMP_DISK \
# No longer need that temp disk:
gcloud compute disks delete $TMP_DISK --zone=$ZONE --quiet
# Create the VM
gcloud compute instances delete --zone=$ZONE $TMP_VM --quiet || true
gcloud compute instances create \
--zone=$ZONE \
--image=$TMP_IMG \
--min-cpu-platform "Intel Haswell"
INTERNAL_IP=$(gcloud --format="value(networkInterfaces[0].networkIP)" compute instances list --filter="name=('$TMP_VM')")
echo "Waiting for SSH port to be available..."
while ! nc -w 2 -z $INTERNAL_IP 22; do
sleep 1
VER=$(docker images "--format={{.ID}}" golang/android-amd64-emu:latest)$VER
echo "SSH is up. Pulling docker container $CONTAINER on VM..."
gcloud compute ssh $TMP_VM --zone=$ZONE --internal-ip -- sudo docker pull $CONTAINER
echo "Done pulling; shutting down"
# Shut it down so it's a stable source to snapshot from.
gcloud compute instances stop $TMP_VM --zone=$ZONE
# Now make the new image from our instance's disk.
gcloud compute images delete $TARGET_IMAGE --quiet || true
gcloud compute images create $TARGET_IMAGE --source-disk=$TMP_VM --source-disk-zone=$ZONE
gcloud compute images delete $TMP_IMG --quiet
echo "Done."