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+# Eleven Years of Go
+12:01 10 Nov 2020
+Russ Cox, for the Go team
+Today we celebrate the eleventh birthday of the Go open source release.
+The parties we had for
+[Go turning 10](
+seem like a distant memory.
+It’s been a tough year, but
+we’ve kept Go development moving forward
+and accumulated quite a few highlights.
+In November, we launched [ and](
+shortly after Go’s 10th birthday.
+In February, the [Go 1.14 release](
+delivered the first officially “production-ready” implementation of Go modules,
+along with many performance improvements,
+[faster defers](
+[non-cooperative goroutine preemption](
+to reduce scheduling
+and garbage collection latency.
+In early March, we launched a
+[new API for protocol buffers](,
+with much-improved support for protocol buffer reflection and custom messages.
+<img src="11years/gophermask.jpg" height="450" width="300" align="right" style="border: 2px solid black; margin: 0 0 1em 1em;">
+When the pandemic hit, we decided to pause any public announcements
+or launches in the spring,
+recognizing that everyone’s attention rightly belonged elsewhere.
+But we kept working, and one of our team members joined the
+Apple/Google collaboration on
+[privacy-preserving exposure notifications](
+to support contact tracing efforts all over the world.
+In May, that group launched the
+[reference backend server](,
+written in Go.
+We continued to improve [gopls](,
+which enables advanced
+[Go-aware support](
+in many editors.
+In June, the
+[VSCode Go extension officially joined the Go project](
+and is now maintained by the same developers who work on gopls.
+Also in June, thanks to your feedback, we open-sourced
+[the code behind](
+as part of the Go project as well.
+Later in June, we
+[released the latest design draft for generics](,
+along with a prototype tool and [generics playground](
+In July, we published and discussed three new design drafts for future changes:
+[new `//go:build` lines for file selection](,
+[file system interfaces](,
+[build-time file embedding](
+(We’ll see all of those in 2021, as noted below.)
+In August, the [Go 1.15 release](
+delivered mainly optimizations and bug fixes rather than new features.
+The most significant was the start of a rewrite of the linker,
+making it run 20% faster and use 30% less memory
+on average for large builds.
+Last month, we ran our [annual Go user survey](
+We will post results on the blog once we’ve analyzed them.
+The Go community has adapted to “virtual-first” along with everyone else,
+and we saw many virtual meetups and over a dozen virtual Go conferences this year.
+Last week, the Go team hosted
+[Go day at Google Open Source Live](
+(videos at the link).
+## Going Forward
+We’re also incredibly excited about what’s in store for Go’s 12th year.
+Most immediately, this week Go team members will
+be presenting eight events at
+[GopherCon 2020](
+Mark your calendars!
+- “Typing [Generic] Go”,
+  a talk by Robert Griesemer,\
+  [Nov 11, 10:00 AM (US Eastern)](;
+  [Q&A at 10:30 AM](
+- “What to Expect When You’re NOT Expecting”,
+  a live taping of the Go time podcast with a panel of expert debuggers,
+  including Hana Kim,\
+  [Nov 11 12:00 PM](
+- “Evolving the Go Memory Manager's RAM and CPU Efficiency”,
+  a talk by Michael Knyszek,\
+  [Nov 11 1:00 PM](;
+  [Q&A at 1:50 PM](
+- “Implementing Faster Defers”,
+  a talk by Dan Scales,\
+  [Nov 11 5:10 PM](;
+  [Q&A at 5:40 PM](
+ - “Go Team - Ask Me Anything”,
+  a live Q&A with Julie Qiu, Rebecca Stambler, Russ Cox, Sameer Ajmani, and Van Riper,\
+  [Nov 12 3:00 PM](
+- “Pardon the Interruption: Loop Preemption in Go 1.14”,
+  a talk by Austin Clements,\
+  [Nov 12 4:45 PM](;
+  [Q&A at 5:15 PM](
+- “Working with Errors”,
+  a talk by Jonathan Amsterdam,\
+  [Nov 13 1:00 PM](;
+  [Q&A at 1:50 PM](
+- “Crossing the Chasm for Go: Two Million Users and Growing”,
+  a talk by Carmen Andoh,\
+  [Nov 13 5:55 PM](
+## Go Releases
+In February, the Go 1.16 release will include the new
+[file system interfaces](
+[build-time file embedding](
+It will complete the linker rewrite, bringing additional performance improvements.
+And it will include support for the new Apple Silicon (`GOARCH=arm64`) Macs.
+In August, the Go 1.17 release will no doubt bring more features and improvements,
+although it’s far enough out that the exact details remain up in the air.
+It will include a new register-based calling convention for x86-64
+(without breaking existing assembly!),
+which will make programs faster across the board.
+(Other architectures will follow in later releases.)
+One nice feature that will definitely be included is the
+[new `//go:build` lines](,
+which are far less error-prone than the
+[current `//` `+build` lines](
+Another highly anticipated feature we hope will be ready for beta testing next year
+[support for fuzzing in the `go test` command](
+## Go Modules
+Over the next year, we will continue to work on developing support for Go modules
+and integrating them well into the entire Go ecosystem.
+Go 1.16 will include our smoothest Go modules experience yet.
+One preliminary result from our recent survey is that 96% of users
+have now adopted Go modules (up from 90% a year ago).
+We will also finally wind down support for GOPATH-based development:
+any programs using dependencies other than the standard library will need a `go.mod`.
+(If you haven’t switched to modules yet, see the
+[GOPATH wiki page](
+for details about this final step in the journey from GOPATH to modules.)
+From the start, the [goal for Go modules](
+has been “to add the concept of package versions to the working vocabulary
+of both Go developers and our tools,”
+to enable deep support for modules and versions throughout the Go ecosystem.
+The [Go module mirror, checksum database, and index](
+were made possible by this ecosystem-wide understanding of what a package version is.
+Over the next year, we will see rich module support added to more tools and systems.
+For example, we plan to investigate new tooling to help module authors publish new versions
+(`go release`)
+as well as to help module consumers update their code to migrate away from
+deprecated APIs (a new `go fix`).
+As a larger example,
+[we created gopls](
+to reduce many tools used by editors for Go support,
+none of which supported modules, down to a single one that did.
+Over the next year,
+we’ll be ready to make the VSCode Go extension use `gopls` by default,
+for an excellent module experience out of the box,
+and we’ll release gopls 1.0.
+Of course, one of the best things about gopls is that it is editor-neutral:
+any editor that understands the
+[language server protocol](
+can use it.
+Another important use of version information is tracking whether
+any package in a build has a known vulnerability.
+Over the next year, we plan to develop a database of known vulnerabilities
+as well as tools to check your programs against that database.
+The Go package discovery site
+is another example of a version-aware system enabled by Go modules.
+We’ve been focused on getting the core functionality and user experience right,
+including a
+[redesign launching today](
+Over the next year,
+we will be unifying into
+We will also be expanding the version timeline for each package,
+showing important changes in each version,
+known vulnerabilities, and more,
+following the overall goal of surfacing what you need to make
+[informed decisions about adding dependencies](
+We’re excited to see this journey from GOPATH to Go modules
+nearing completion and all the excellent dependency-aware tools
+that Go modules are enabling.
+## Generics
+The next feature on everyone’s minds is of course generics.
+As we mentioned above, we published the
+[latest design draft for generics](
+back in June.
+Since then, we’ve continued to refine rough edges and have turned our
+attention to the details of implementing a production-ready version.
+We will be working on that throughout 2021, with a goal of having
+something for people to try out by the end of the year,
+perhaps a part of the Go 1.18 betas.
+## Thank You!
+Go is far more than just us on the Go team at Google.
+We are indebted to the contributors who work with us with the Go releases and tools.
+Beyond that, Go only succeeds because of all of you who work in
+and contribute to Go’s thriving ecosystem.
+It has been a difficult year in the world outside Go.
+More than ever, we appreciate you taking the time
+to join us and help make Go such a success.
+Thank you.
+We hope you are all staying safe and wish you all the best.
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+# has a new look!
+12:00 10 Nov 2020
+Julie Qiu
+Since launching, we’ve received a lot of great feedback on
+design and usability.
+In particular, it was clear that the way information was organized confused
+users when navigating the site.
+Today we’re excited to share a redesigned,
+which we hope will be clearer and more helpful.
+This blog post presents the highlights. For details,
+see [Go issue 41585](
+## Consistent landing page for all paths
+The main change is that the\<path> page has been reorganized
+around the idea of a path.
+A path represents a directory in a particular version of a module.
+Now, regardless of what’s in that directory,
+every path page will have the same layout,
+with the goal of making the experience consistently useful and predictable.
+<div class="image">
+<img src="pkgsite-redesign/path.png" width="800" height="513" alt="Landing page for" style="border: 1px solid black;">
+The path page will display the README at that path if there is one.
+Previously, the overview tab only showed the README if present at the module root.
+This is one of many changes we’re making to place the most important information up front.
+## Documentation navigation
+The documentation section now displays an index along with a sidenav.
+This gives the ability to see the full package API,
+while having context as they are navigating the documentation section.
+There is also a new Jump To input box in the left sidenav,
+to search for identifiers.
+<div class="image">
+<img src="pkgsite-redesign/nav.png" width="800" height="530" alt="Jump To feature navigating net/http" style="border: 1px solid black;">
+See [Go issue 41587]( for details on changes in the documentation section.
+## Metadata on main page
+The top bar on each page now shows additional metadata,
+such as each package’s “imports” and “imported by” counts.
+Banners also show information about the latest minor and major versions of a module.
+See [Go issue 41588]( for details.
+<div class="image">
+<img src="pkgsite-redesign/meta.png" width="800" height="145" alt="Header metadata for" style="border: 1px solid black;">
+## Video Walkthrough
+Last week at [Google Open Source Live](,
+we presented a walkthrough of the new site experience in our talk,
+[Level Up: Go Package Discovery and Editor Tooling](
+.iframe 400 650
+## Feedback
+We’re excited to share this updated design with you.
+As always, please let us know what you think via the “Share Feedback”
+and “Report an Issue” links at the bottom of every page of the site.
+And if you’re interested in contributing to this project, is open source! Check out the
+[contribution guidelines](
+to find out more.
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