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 Since the open source launch,
 we've been joined by
-[hundreds of external contributors](,
+[hundreds of external contributors](,
 who have extended and improved Go in myriad ways,
 including writing a Windows port from scratch.
 We added a package management system
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 # Community Outreach Working Group
 5 Sep 2017
 Tags: community
-Summary: Annoucing the Go Community Outreach Working Group (CWG).
+Summary: Announcing the Go Community Outreach Working Group (CWG).
 OldURL: /community-outreach-working-group
 Steve Francia & Cassandra Salisbury
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 but we aren’t ready to shut down GOPATH just yet.
 We will keep experimenting, simplifying, and revising.
-We fully recgonize that
+We fully recognize that
 the Go user community
 built up almost a decade of experience
 and tooling and workflows around GOPATH,
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 unclear whether such a restricted language would be sufficiently
 For some algorithms in the runtime we could use slower but more
-compact implementions when every kilobyte counts.
+compact implementations when every kilobyte counts.
 All of these call for more research in later development cycles.
 To the many contributors who helped make Go 1.7 binaries smaller,