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# is open source!
15 Jun 2020
Julie Qiu
Were excited to announce that the codebase for
[]( is now open source.
The repository lives at
and is mirrored to
We will continue using the Go issue tracker to track
related to
## Contributing
If you are interested in contributing to any
[issues related to](,
check out our
[contribution guidelines](
We also encourage you to continue
[filing issues](
if you run into problems or have feedback.
## What’s Next
We really appreciate all the feedback weve received so far. It has been a big
help in shaping our
[roadmap]( for the coming year.
Now that is open source, heres what well be working on next:
- We have some design changes planned for,
to address
[UX feedback](
that we have received. You can expect a more cohesive search and navigation
experience. We plan to share these designs for feedback once they are ready.
- We know that there are features available on that users
want to see on Weve been keeping track of them on
[Go issue #39144](,
and will prioritize adding them in the next few months. We also plan to
continue improving our license detection algorithm based on feedback.
- Well be improving our search experience based on feedback in
[Go issue #37810](,
to make it easier for users to find the dependencies they are looking for and
make better decisions around which ones to import.
Thanks for being patient with us in the process of open sourcing
Were looking forward to receiving your contributions and working with you on
the future of the project.