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# Redirecting requests to
15 Dec 2020
Summary: The plan for moving from to
Julie Qiu
With the introduction of Go modules and the growth of the Go ecosystem,
[]( was
[launched in 2019]( to provide a central place
where developers can discover and evaluate Go packages and modules. Like, serves Go documentation, but it also supports modules,
better search functionality, and signals to help Go users to find the right
As [we shared in January 2020](, our
goal is to eventually redirect traffic from to the corresponding page
on Weve also made it possible for users to opt in to redirecting
their own requests from to
Weve received a lot of great feedback this year, which has been tracked and
resolved through the
and [pkgsite/design-2020](
milestones on the Go issue tracker. Your feedback resulted in support for
popular feature requests on,
[open sourcing pkgsite](, and most recently, a
[redesign of](
## Next Steps
The next step in this migration is to redirect all requests from to
the corresponding page on
This will happen in early 2021, once the work tracked at the
[pkgsite/ milestone](
is complete.
During this migration, updates will be posted to
[Go issue 43178](
We encourage everyone to begin using today. You can do so by
visiting [](, or clicking
Always use in the top right corner of any page.
## FAQs
**Will URLs continue to work?**
Yes! We will redirect all requests arriving at to the equivalent page
on, so all your bookmarks and links will continue to take you to the
documentation you need.
**What will happen to the golang/gddo repository?**
The [gddo repository]( will remain available
for anyone who wants to keep running it themselves, or even fork and improve
it. We will mark it archived to make clear that we will no longer accept
contributions. However, you will be able to continue forking the repository.
**Will continue to work?**
This transition will have no impact on Until an API is available
for, will continue to serve traffic. See
[Go issue 36785]( for updates on an API for
**Will my badges keep working?**
Yes! Badge URLs will redirect to the equivalent URL on too. Your
page will automatically get a new badge. You can also generate a new
badge at []( if you would like to
update your badge link.
## Feedback
As always, feel free to [file an issue](
on the Go issue tracker for any feedback.
## Contributing is an [open source project]( If
youre interested in contributing to the pkgsite project, check out the
[contribution guidelines](
or join the
[#pkgsite channel]( on Gophers Slack
to learn more.