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 GopherChina Trip Report
 1 Jul 2015
+Tags: community, china
 Robert Griesemer
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+Hello, 中国!
+22 Jan 2018
+Tags: community, china
+Andrew Bonventre
+* Introduction
+We are thrilled to announce that the content on
+[[][]] is now available in mainland China through
+the name [[][]].
+The growing Go developer community in China can now directly access official
+documentation, technical articles, and binaries.
+The Go community in China is bigger than ever.
+In 2015, Robert Griesemer [[gopherchina][visited Shanghai]] to attend
+GopherChina, the first Go conference in the country.
+In the years since, it has become one of the largest Go conferences in the world
+with over 1200 attendees at their 2017 event.
+Over the same period, one of the most popular
+[[][community-built Go forums]] saw their traffic increase
+threefold and the number of participants in Go-specific groups on social
+platforms like WeChat and QQ has grown to over 11,000 people.
+Go adoption within China-based companies has also increased, with
+[[][Qiniu]], [[][Huawei]],
+[[][Alibaba]], and countless others using Go heavily
+in their production stacks.
+.image hello-china/companies.png
+.html hello-china/companies-caption.html
+We’re excited to provide even more resources for Go developers in China to
+supplement the excellent material already available to them, but this is just
+the beginning. We’ll be focusing on making Go more accessible to non-English
+speakers in 2018, so keep watching this space.
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+<div style="color:#666;font-size:90%;text-align:center;">
+  A small sampling of the growing list of Chinese companies adopting Go.
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