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+# is open source!
+15 Jun 2020
+Julie Qiu
+We’re excited to announce that the codebase for
+[]( is now open source.
+The repository lives at
+and is mirrored to
+We will continue using the Go issue tracker to track
+related to
+## Contributing
+If you are interested in contributing to any
+[issues related to](,
+check out our
+[contribution guidelines](
+We also encourage you to continue
+[filing issues](
+if you run into problems or have feedback.
+## What’s Next
+We really appreciate all the feedback we’ve received so far. It has been a big
+help in shaping our
+[roadmap]( for the coming year.
+Now that is open source, here’s what we’ll be working on next:
+- We have some design changes planned for,
+  to address
+  [UX feedback](
+  that we have received. You can expect a more cohesive search and navigation
+  experience. We plan to share these designs for feedback once they are ready.
+- We know that there are features available on that users
+  want to see on We’ve been keeping track of them on
+  [Go issue #39144](,
+  and will prioritize adding them in the next few months. We also plan to
+  continue improving our license detection algorithm based on feedback.
+- We’ll be improving our search experience based on feedback in
+  [Go issue #37810](,
+  to make it easier for users to find the dependencies they are looking for and
+  make better decisions around which ones to import.
+Thanks for being patient with us in the process of open sourcing
+We’re looking forward to receiving your contributions and working with you on
+the future of the project.